Program Overview

Productivity expert, David Allen asked why is it when brilliant people engage their workflow with him in a highly focused way, at the end of the day, their attention is so spent, they start bumping into doors.


It happens to all of us.


On any given day, we can marshal our attention and energy and run from the Plains of Marathon to Athens, but it’s costly. We burn out, and we can’t do this day-to-day.  


Engage in this program to improve your self-understanding of why some things catch your attention; other things miss your attention.  Some things raise your energy; others deplete your energy.


It’s an illuminating experience and foundational to everything you’ll do at GTD® Focus.

This program is for you if you...


  • Want to be more efficient

  • Want to be less fatigued

  • End each day with more important work

  • End a quarter with projects and priorities from the previous three months still untouched

  • Find your planned work up-ended consistently by work that appears

  • Struggle to find time to move multi-step tasks forward

  • Lose energy and focus when you need it most

  • Look back and find you’ve been busy, but nonetheless not moving forward your most important priorities

You will learn...

  • What catches your attention

  • How to activate your attention for the important but less obvious

  • How to develop conscious attention management

  • How to monitor the ebb and flow of your cognitive energy

  • How to sustain attention and energy throughout the day

  • To find and reduce your points of friction


Prerequisite - The industry’s most advanced assessment with the purpose of identifying your reflexive responses to categories of information.  This will help us unpack the information that naturally catches your attention, misses your attention, raises your energy, and depletes your energy.  This is the foundation for all your work. We recommend all personnel in your organization take the survey.  (15-20 minutes)


Lesson 1:  Attention Management (60 minutes)

  • What catches your attention; what misses your attention

  • Activating your attention for the important but less obvious

  • Conscious attention management

Lesson 2:  Energy Management (60 minutes)

  • What raises your energy; what depletes your energy

  • Reducing your points of friction

  • Monitoring the ebb and flow of your energy among your cognitive processes

Lesson 3:  Sustaining Attention and Energy (60 minutes)

  • Applying attention and energy

  • Bumping into fewer doors