You don't have to explain your work—your coach experiences it with you.

One-Day Coaching

Our GTD® One-Day Coaching is a custom-tailored support session, delivered on-site at your home or office. You will focus on key improvement opportunities in your implementation of the Getting Things Done® methodology.​



  • The Kairos Survey

  • One-day on-site that provides one-on-one training to introduce and install the GTD methodology

  • One follow-up call, within three months

Two-Day Coaching

Our two-day GTD Coaching is a custom-built installation program, delivered on-site at your home or office. You will learn the fundamentals of the Getting Things Done methodology, tailored to your specific role, responsibilities, cognitive preferences, and current workflow systems and tools. 



  • The Kairos Survey

  • Two contiguous days on-site that provide one-on-one training in the your personal work space—designed to introduce and install the GTD methodology

  • Two follow-up calls, within three months of the on-site session

What our clients say

Rick McMullen


"Working with my GTD Coach not only got my tasks, commitment, emails, and workload under control, but also got me thinking (and operating) at a much higher level about WHAT tasks, commitments, emails and work I actually wanted to let into my life in order to have the life I want."

Marx Acosta-Rubio

CEO Onestop

“I have been student, fan, and proponent of GTD since I first hired David Allen to consult with me in 2001. After David and I met, he quickly recommended I continue my journey with a GTD Coach. It’s now been 16 years since I started in this journey, and the lessons and coaching my coach has provided for me still resonate with me daily. It has allowed me to build several multi million dollar companies, and much more importantly, design a life worth living by my standards."

Suzanne W. Strisik

Licensed Psychologist

"Reading the book and implementing the system in Getting Things Done was essential to my understanding of productivity. But the blind spots in my grasp of GTD were stumbling blocks that kept me from mastery for years. My coach was cunningly adept at doing what I most desperately needed: she sussed-out my weak spots and got me moving on the right track. It is not an overstatement that GTD and the virtual coaching changed my life significantly for the good. The time and resources I invested in this process have been more productive than could I have imagined or hoped, and I’m deeply indebted."

Jocelyn King

Silicon Valley Marketing Executive

"My coach kept me laser-focused on my goals and projects for work and life. I could not recommend this more highly for someone looking to accelerate his or her personal productivity and meaningful goal-setting in life."