Last year this week, I had my annual check up with my primary care physician and long-time friend. Dr. Luria, as I always address him in his professional setting, told me he was retiring and his last day would be March 30, 2020. When I completed the visit, I went to his scheduler, asked for, and got, the last appointment of the day on 3/30/20. All year, I’ve had the happy anticipation of sending my health protector and friend off on his happily anticipated first retirement year of travel and adventure. Last week he told me his practice had cancelled all non-urgent appointments, that includes me; and at age 66, instead of retiring, he would move himself into the front lines of critical care for the Covid-19 afflicted. Did I miss hearing coyote laugh at our plans that day last year?

Unlike Dr. Luria, I have nothing heroic to offer.

At the same time, my colleagues and I would like to offer services in these challenging times from our capabilities. GTD Accountability Groups. We’ve been planning a moderated GTD community for the purpose of supporting your best practices. We’re jumping in for this critical period to bring you together virtually to share best practices, offer questions, and get responses from each other as well as from our top coaches. No charge right now. Probably can’t do that for an unlimited time, but times are hard for a lot of folks right now, and we can stretch a bit. Free access to the Kairos Survey. Many of you have experienced this as the Focus Survey. We’ve expanded the survey experience to make it more informative and to lead to more personal and professional development opportunities. Again, no charge, and again, maybe not forever. No obligation, but feel free to explore the new site. We had been closing in on the introduction of a new brand and a number of new opportunities for you within. It’s not the right time for a celebratory opening, but you’re welcome to get an advanced look. And, if you like it, you can offer it free to the next person. This one, we’re charging for, but we’ve broken the 8-hour wall of a day of in-person coaching and turned it into a customizable approximately 16-hour virtual coaching experience for the same price. We’re trying to turn necessity into a virtue. Be well.


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