Every decision you make involves anticipation, activation, reflection. The Daily Log is designed to get you thinking this way so you can create the days you want.


A powerful result:  

What shows up in life is ultimately predictable, it just shows up at random times.  As we become aware of the randomness we can habitualize a practice to mitigate the unknown, endorse the moment, and live in alignment with our future self.




Activation: capture how you anticipate the selected time period: what you plan to accomplish and, importantly, under what conditions do you anticipate this will show up to help and hinder your ability to complete your intentions. What promises will you make with your future self?


Anticipation: We call this, the sometimes harsh, reality.  During the period of engagement, log what shows up during the selected period; not just what you do, but what impacts you as you engage that period of time.


Reflection: this is your judgment. Reflect on what you anticipated and what happened to become more aware of what impacts your engagement with your intentions.




Daily Log



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