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    Effective Leadership

    Intuition is no longer enough. Leverage advanced cognitive science to access the right information, rule out options faster, and motivate more specifically.

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    Attention and Energy 

    Control the drivers that cause some things to catch and miss your attention and raise or lower your energy.

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    Time Engagement

    Don’t kill it, waste it, or spend it. Unpack the multi-dimensional nature of your experience of time so you can engage it.

  • Giving a Speech

    Powered Communications

    Improve interpersonal effectiveness, and deliver information so it catches others attention and activates their thinking.

  • Business Meeting

    The Mentor

    Ensure that your processes, systems, tools and best-practice behaviors are optimal to keep you stress-free and productive, across the spectrum of your life and work.

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    GTD® Workflow Coaching

    Building sustainable systems that will better support your flourishing, amidst rapid change and growth.


  • Audiovisual Conference

    Workshop I

    Even when we stand side by side and look in the same direction, every person on your team takes in their OWN sample of information presented by their surroundings...

  • Social Gathering

    Workshop II

    You’re now in the position to turn the challenges of those differences into opportunities. Manage and synchronize individual assets to achieve greater success.

  • Contemporary Boardroom

    Advanced Seminar Topics

    Please contact for more information.


We leverage all of the components across our practice and deliver them in a systematic way to your organization over two to three years.  Contact for more details.

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