Building sustainable systems that will better support your flourishing, amidst rapid change and growth.

Virtual Intensive

Most of us are living with a higher degree of randomness than we expected. At GTD® focus, we’ve been training for it. Our Virtual Coaching Intensive will drill down to the core of how you work, coach you in making better tactical and strategic decisions, and guide you in building sustainable systems that will better support your flourishing, amidst rapid change and growth.

We've taken our one-day in-person, expanded it, and broke the 8-hour wall. What under different circumstance would be a program with one preliminary virtual call, an eight-hour in-person, and one follow-up call will optimize into a customized virtual engagement leveraging video conferencing with face-to-face, mutual screen sharing, and document sharing. All of this will be recorded and delivered to you for your unlimited viewing.


Program Format

  • An initial one-hour expectation-setting and preparation video conference

  • Ten hours of intensive GTD installation and implementation divided according to your attention and energy into segments of two to eight hours engaged typically over a two-week period

  • A one-hour consolidation session engaged two to three weeks later

  • Further, your coach will encourage ad hoc emails and texts from you during this period to support the anchoring of your GTD practice

9 Call Program

Virtual Coaching Program provides one-on-one training designed to introduce and install the GTD® methodology. It is designed as an in-depth engagement that supports steady and incremental progress toward your GTD path of mastery.


The desired outcome is a new, enhanced level of personal productivity, enabling a more balanced and strategic allocation of your time and focus, optimizing achievement of your career objectives while maintaining your personal lifestyle priorities.


Program Format

  • Nine 60-minute virtual sessions, typically done every two weeks over four to six months

  • Delivered using virtual meeting software

4 Call Jumpstart

This is for you if, at any time, you started a GTD practice, experienced the difference in your productivity, know it works for you, and somehow, your practice drifted off. Establishing beneficial habits is hard: we have to break the inertia of our current patterns.  Maintaining habits over time is tough. Life happens. That's why we're here. Our signature coaching practice is designed to get your foundational practices solid and well established; and our subscription program offers ongoing response and redirection. 


At the same time, many of us have experienced the lapse of our adherence: typically the weekly review is first to go; for others, it's the gradual re-accumulation of the inbox. And sometimes, something disruptive emerges, new job or promotion, marriages, moves, children, and, occasionally, nature throws its weight around. Therefore, we've created the 4 Call Jumpstart. The goal is to hone in on what's holding you back from your best GTD practice, to reset, and to achieve momentum again. You know what to do and how to do it. You just need to focus in, get clear, and get reenergized.

Program Format

  • Four 60-minute calls, typically two per week, within two weeks

Tools Consultation

Our Tools Consultation is designed to help you choose the best tools for your GTD implementation.


Given the myriad of tool options for implementing GTD, our Tools Consultation sessions will pair you with a tech-savvy GTD Coach who is familiar with the most common and effective tools for implementing GTD. You’ll leave the session equipped with a better sense of your tool options and knowledge about how to set up your tools optimally for GTD. Tools Consultations are not a replacement for our Virtual Intensive, 9 Call Program, or 4 Call Jumpstart programs, but offer targeted coaching specifically on your tools.

Program Format

  • 60-minute call (more calls can be done if needed) 


All virtual sessions are done over Zoom, unless you have another preferred virtual meeting tool.

What our clients say


Jim M.

Construction Company Manager

"I could not be more pleased with the Virtual Intensive program by GTD focus. After reading Getting Things Done, I was convinced that my only shot at regaining control of the endless bombardment of emails, calls, meeting requests, job visits, sales calls, etc., would come from a live coach standing over my shoulder for long hours. COVID 19 had other plans so I opted to try the virtual intensive program instead. Glad I did. Through focused virtual calls with coach Meg Edwards, the program helped me fully implement GTD. 


All-in-all, the program was outstanding. I thought it would take me much longer to get up and running with GTD, but through the Virtual Intensive program, I’m there already! I highly recommend." 

Dan Simon

CEO Vested

"My coach was able to guide me through breakthrough after breakthrough. I was already familiar with GTD, but her approach to cognitive preferences helped me understand how to make the system truly work for me and unlock a new level of productivity. There wasn't a single session where I didn't feel like I made a huge leap forward." 

Phil Ulrich


"As I progressed in my career and my responsibilities increased, I found myself struggling to stay in front of all my personal and professional responsibilities. I was no stranger to GTD having read the book, attended their single day course and worked with the GTD system for nearly 8 years. Sensing a need to be even more productive, I began working my GTD Coach.  She was able to quickly diagnose my ‘system’; with some tweaks and adjustment, I was able to realize immediate benefit. What started as a desire to ‘get control’ has turned into a journey striving to be more intentional and more balanced – both personally and professionally."