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New Virtual Intensive!

One of the guiding principles of our work at GTD® Focus is to practice kairos, ancient Greek for the optimum thing at the optimum time.  


To do that, we engage what we call predictable randomness.  Nearly everything that happens in life is ultimately predictable and has precedents; the challenge is things show up at random times. 


If the blizzard always arrived on February 22 and the tornado on August 3, we could mitigate nearly all the downside.


Most of us are living with a higher degree of randomness than we expected at this approach to spring. At GTD Focus, we’ve been training for it. 


For some of you, your life will be in triage mode. There won’t be much you can do to mitigate the downside—you’ll need to stay alert, accept the losses, dodge the biggest risks in front you, move toward and embrace small wins.


For others, the enforced slow down also requires accepting losses, and most important, keeping your eyes on the horizon. Any sailor will tell you it reduces vertigo and keeps you focused on the this-too-will-pass. You’ll need to use this time to raise your preparedness, sharpen your tools, develop your plans to embrace the coming recovery.

Count on us. 

Would you benefit from another set of eyes and ears alert to the incoming? 

From cool heads to support risk and opportunity assessment? 

From someone who has seen the other side of the horizon and can support your navigation toward it? 

To create proximity in this time of needful distancing, we’ve expanded our virtual offerings.  All of us have been offering virtual support to clients worldwide 24/7 since the advent of video conferencing. Our clients have recognized our effectiveness. 


To create the optimum engagement at this time, we’re taking our one-day in-person, expanding it and breaking the 8-hour wall. 


What under different circumstance would be a program with one preliminary virtual call, an eight-hour in-person, and one follow-up call will optimize into:


  • A customized virtual engagement leveraging video conferencing with face-to-face, mutual screen sharing, and document sharing.  All of this will be recorded and delivered to you for your unlimited viewing. 

  • An initial one- to two-hour expectation-setting and preparation video conference. 

  • Twelve hours of intensive GTD installation and implementation divided according to your attention and energy into segments of two to eight hours engaged over a two-week period. 

  • A one- to two-hour consolidation session engaged two to three weeks later.

  • Further, your coach will encourage ad hoc emails and texts from you during this period to support the anchoring of your GTD practice. 


For this optimum time, the price of this breaking of the 8-hour wall will be the same as the current one-session in-person program.

And since in-person includes travel, lodging and other travel expenses, this is an optimum value.

The Virtual Coaching Program

Nine, 60-minute sessions 

Virtual Coaching Program provides one-on-one training designed to introduce and install the GTD® methodology. It is designed as a long-term engagement that supports steady and incremental progress toward the client's GTD® path of mastery. 

Desired Outcome

A new, enhanced level of personal productivity, enabling a more balanced and strategic allocation of your time and focus, optimizing achievement of your career objectives while maintaining your personal lifestyle priorities.


What our members say

"Julie Ireland is a 5-star black-belt executive coach and a 'productivity whisperer' who tailors her coaching to clients to keep them laser-focused on their goals and projects for work and life.  I could not recommend anyone more highly for someone looking to accelerate his or her personal productivity and meaningful goal-setting in life."

Silicon Valley Marketing Executive

Jocelyn King

“I have been student, fan, and proponent of GTD since I first hired David Allen to consult with me in 2001. After David and I met, he quickly recommended I continue my journey with Meg Edwards.  It’s now been 16 years since I started in this journey, and the lessons and coaching Meg has provided for me still resonate with me daily. It has allowed me to build several multi million dollar companies, and much more importantly, design a life worth living by my standards. If you get a chance, even if it is just a quick call, to connect with Meg, you will perhaps have found someone who genuinely can help you design the life you so desire.”

CEO Onestop

Marx Acosta-Rubio

"As I progressed in my career and my responsibilities increased, I found myself struggling to stay in front of all my personal and professional responsibilities.   I was no stranger to GTD having read the book, attended their single day course and worked with the GTD system for nearly 8 years.  Sensing a need to be even more productive, I began working with Julie Ireland and the GTD Coaching program in April 2011.  Julie was able to quickly diagnose my ‘system’; with some tweaks and adjustment, I was able to realize immediate benefit.    With time the focus of coaching has shifted from the runway to the higher altitudes; from improved productivity to life fulfillment.  With Julie’s guidance, what started as a desire to ‘get control’ has turned into a journey striving to be more intentional and more balanced – both personally and professionally."


Phil Ulrich

"Julie works for the David Allen Company, and has been a GTD coach for 12 years according to Linked In (so...she's been teaching other people how to implement this stuff since long before either of us picked up the book).  We worked together when I was just getting up and running at Wayfair, and I recommend doing exactly what she recommends without question...she knows her stuff and has definitely worked with bigger messes than you.  


I was attempting to describe to Rob how working with Julie not only got my tasks, commitment, emails, and workload under control, but also got me thinking (and operating) at a much higher level about WHAT tasks, commitments, emails and work I actually wanted to let into my life in order to have the life I want.  "Productivity Coach" is the most understandable way to describe what Julie does, but it's a massive, massive undersell of what you'll be able to accomplish if you take her advice if your experience is anything like mine."  


Rick McMullen

"Reading the book and implementing the system in Getting Things Done (GTD) was essential to my understanding of productivity. But the blind spots in my grasp of GTD were stumbling blocks that kept me from mastery for years. Finally, I reached out to the coaches. Julie Ireland, was cunningly adept at doing what I most desperately needed: she sussed-out my weak spots and got me moving on the right track. She helped me to grab the low-hanging fruit of GTD competence, which for me turned out to be the implementation of ground level next actions, and went on to resolving my real obstacles. I make this sound fairly straight forward, but it’s a hair-raising process best managed by someone who knows what she’s doing—and she does. Although individual strengths and weaknesses vary, I believe that the stuck places of our lives warrant the attention of a coach who has a thorough knowledge of and a proven history with the application of GTD. It is not an overstatement that GTD and the virtual coaching changed my life significantly for the good: the time and resources I invested in this process have been more productive than could I have imagined or hoped, and I’m deeply indebted."

Licensed Psychologist

Suzanne W. Strisik


Vermont, USA

(877) 719-1804




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