Workshop Level II

Program Overview

Once you have insight into your own and your colleagues’ attention preferences; and know what to expect when you are applying attention together; you’re now in the position to turn the challenges of those differences into opportunities.


How can you get your team in alignment?  How can you manage and synchronize individual assets to achieve greater success?

When you take this workshop you will learn...

  • Tactics for bringing disparate views into alignment without compromise or negation of differences

  • Discussions and meetings that capture information into coherent structures and drive next actions

  • Email communication that drives efficient transfer and retrievable access of meaningful and actionable information

  • Candid expression of points of view to replace position defending

Our practice includes heads of global organizations, top brass in the military, clergy, scientists, entrepreneurs.   


Prerequisite: Workshop Level I 


Engagement 1

What are your points of friction?  Identify the underlying drivers of those frictions. We begin with what has your attention in the categories of context: what are the conditions under which you’re working? what are the opportunities and threats coming toward you? Experience: what do you know and what do you need to know?  Rules: What does the data say? What are the limits of your authority? What resources do you need? How much time do you have?


All of these are parts of an integrated whole, but each one of us has a different level of attention on each one, and give their importance different weight.


The goal is to make these differences visible so they can be examined consciously and factored into decisions explicitly.


Engagement 2

Learn the categorical questions necessary for bringing out and making explicit each person’s  point of view. Learn the questions necessary for moving people from defended positions into evaluation of alternative views.  Learn tactics for breaking complex choices into manageable decision nuggets. Learn to make decisions while capturing and tracking what gets left on the table.